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Graphics Guys vehicle wraps Ham Lake MN 55304In our more than 25 years experience now there are several advantages we offer over paint… many of which are not only focused on cost alone although that is an important factor our clients always take into consideration along with the fact that paint is permanent. Our products allow for tremendous flexibility and imagination when considering wraps or lettering vehicles, etc. We offer solution’s for any application large or small, commercial or personal be it a water craft, large truck, trailer, snow mobile, walls, floors applications, signage or just about any surface for anything you can imagine right up to wall art or even sports images of your kids and their favorite players!

Basically, if you can dream it, we can create a custom graphic for it. Most importantly our products carry a five year limited product warranty and they are removable so that if your logos, graphics or company undergoes changes we can adapt to them, remove and replace the items for much less than a new paint job! In the unfortunate event of an accident it is much more cost effective to replace our products than it would be to blend one fender on multiple panels of a vehicle to do the job right. With our Oracal self healing technologies our products have been found very reliable in how they wear. The sun actually helps get rid of minor scratches in the graphic application. Please see our manufacturer’s specs on the “specific” Oracal product lines we carry or call us for complete details on the self healing properties and limitations of those products.

It is important to remember the person behind the paint gun makes all the difference in the outcome when talking about paint jobs… just as preparation and application of our graphics do in our business. The products we offer start out with a much more predictable outcome when using our graphics so don’t forget to check out our graphic viewer technology for some examples.

There are those special applications where paint is not only beautiful but necessary to achieve your desired results. All you have to do is talk to some of our customers and they will tell you that there have been many cases where if they didn’t know any better most people literally cannot tell our graphics are not real paint its simply that close in many applications! Let’s take a step back for a moment and revisit the key word imagination and then budget — because I am sure you’d agree quality custom paint is not only expensive but there are a lot of those times where your wallet just doesn’t co-operate with your imagination as it relates to what you can afford, right? Let’s face it the more we want, the more it usually costs. This is where our custom graphic solutions really shine because you get so much more for your money when comparing!

Please go grab your favorite beverage, relax, take your time, look around in our various galleries and then feel free to give us a call with any questions. Don’t forget to look at our very cool custom graphics viewer gallery where you can see how vehicles look stock, then just a mouse click away you can add some cool graphics and watch them change right before your eyes! Thank you for visiting our website, come back often, check out our partners websites and don’t forget to tell all your friends. Have a great day, we look forward to earning your business and helping get you noticed with one of our unique graphic solutions.

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